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Terminology Management

Consistent terminology requires ongoing efforts

Your company-wide terminology is managed with sustainability and continuity in mind. This process starts with research. Which terms are so specific that they need to be defined and used consistently across all communications? Our language and terminology experts analyze the bilingual or multilingual material you provide to us and determine terms that should be included in your customized terminology database.

For example: An IT company can define the term “software” and specify if, when and in what context the staff should use the term software, program, application or app.

In close cooperation with you, we provide clear definitions for these terms, establish rules for their proper use, and assign corresponding translations.

Terminology management is the basis of efficient translations

Your corporate language must not get lost in translation. A consistent terminology management system helps translators quickly and reliably find the right words for your text. Recurring terms and phrases are translated consistently across all your communication materials, which helps prevent misunderstandings.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • You increase translation quality while lowering translation costs.
  • You avoid embarrassing translation errors.
  • Your internal and external communications are uniform and consistent.
  • You create transparency through interdepartmental coordination.
  • You build glossaries that can be made available to all staff members and selected partners.
  • You reduce your liability risk by producing precise user manuals, product descriptions and safety instructions for your customers.

A diligent terminology management system eliminates the need for time-consuming clarification requests, prevents misunderstandings among staff members, and helps your customers understand you. All aspects of your corporate communications are in synch.

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