Linguistic intuition is key to successful translations

Linguistic intuition is key to successful translations


Linguistic intuition is a special talent that not everybody possesses. By this, we mean a person's feel for whether things are worded in a way that is grammatically and stylistically appropriate. Put simply, the person knows what can be said, when, and in what context. Creating perfect translations from or into a language requires a high degree of this kind of intuition. Only then can the language truly be brought to life.


Where does linguistic intuition come from?

People mostly learn this intuitive, unthinking and unconscious feel for what is linguistically appropriate – particularly when it comes to choice of words and sentence structure – when they are learning their native language. A person's background, social environment, education, talent, and own linguistic experiences all play a role here. During this time, people usually also develop a feel for how to best speak with certain target groups. For example, they learn to communicate with authority figures differently than they would with their own friends.

This feel for language, learnt from an early age, can be intensified and modified, for example by dealing with a language intensively, studying it and obtaining further training.


What do we need linguistic intuition for?

Linguistic intuition is an important asset for communicating appropriately with various target groups, in both private and professional situations.

The ability to use a language's arsenal of expressions with utmost precision is particularly important for those who have made language their career and vocation.

Journalists, authors and copywriters, for example, need to be able to express themselves especially creatively and accurately in order to be successful in their job. The same is true of translators – they are in a position of particular responsibility, since the success of a text depends on how easy it is to understand. A translator who does not have a strong sense of what is correct in a language will not be able to render the content appropriately. In the worst-case scenario, an incompetent translation can alter the entire meaning of the text – which, of course, is not what the author or client wants.


Trust the linguistic intuition of Translatus

We recommend that you let a skilled translation agency handle your texts in order to avoid translation slip-ups.

Translatus is your expert partner for South-Eastern European languages such as Croatian, Serbian, Slovenian, Bosnian, Macedonian, Montenegrin, Romanian and Bulgarian. Our employees boast a high level of linguistic intuition, are specially trained and have many years of experience in the field of translation.

We can translate the following for you:

  • Advertising materials
  • Presentations
  • Offers
  • Product catalogues
  • Technical datasheets
  • Operating and maintenance instructions
  • Software for machine operation
  • Contracts and legal texts
  • And much more

We are also happy to provide interpreters for your negotiations.

Our company is certified to ISO 17100, the European Quality Standard for Translation Service Providers.

If you are looking for translators with a real feel for language, contact us!


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