Guaranteed reliability: Translators from the same country as your audience

Guaranteed reliability: Translators from the same country as your audience


If a Croat or Serb reads a text in their language, for example, they will notice instantly whether it is the work of a professional translator with knowledge of that language. If texts do not read fluently, if the meaning is not clear at first glance, or if words are spelt incorrectly or not used in the appropriate context, this is a sure sign that either a translator of questionable ability or a machine is behind the translation. Simply put, the text is not good from the reader's perspective – and this is what we want to avoid.

Native speakers guarantee text quality

There are phrases and sayings that make sense in one language, but not in another. In order to guarantee a high-quality, error-free translation of a text into another language, it is vital to employ a professional translator with a high level of linguistic intuition. You could rely on certified translators here, but they may not be native to the country of your audience. Then again, there are also many translation agencies that work with native speakers. These are people who have known the structures and particularities of their own language since early childhood, and are able to produce a perfect translation of the source text.

So it is best not to limit yourself to your own country when looking for a competent translator for your text. If you are looking for a translation agency to produce a translation into Romanian, for example, look for one that works with native Romanians and you can be sure of the quality of the text.

Accurate communication of the message is essential

It is not enough to guarantee that a text is free of errors. The translation must also convey the meaning perfectly. The message that defines your text must not get lost, as this would mean the translation has failed in its mission – you will lose time, money, and credibility among your clients! That is why it's important to cooperate with a translator who can accurately convey the power of your words. For this, you will need somebody from the same country as your audience.

Translatus Language Services works with native speakers

For texts that are perfectly written, in terms of both grammar and meaning, Translatus works with talented, specialist native speakers who can offer you flawless translations into Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, Macedonian, Montenegrin, Romanian, Bulgarian, Czech, etc.

Our writers come from the same country as your audience, are familiar with the language and the people, and know what matters in a translation – your advertising materials, presentations, offers, manuals, contracts, legal texts, etc. will be translated correctly and with the full power of your original message.

We are also happy to provide interpreters for your negotiations.

Our company is certified to ISO 17100, the European Quality Standard for Translation Service Providers.

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