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Quality Management

Specialized translators for specialized translations

We strive to deliver translations our customers can be proud of. But quality is not a coincidence. That’s why all of our translators, editors, proofreaders and other team members go through a strict screening process.

Our expert linguists translate exclusively into their native tongue and live in the target country of the translation – the country where your future customers are located. We strongly believe that only native speakers are fully attuned to linguistic and cultural nuances, which is a prerequisite for translating texts from one language into another with precision and elegance.

In addition, all of our team members have university degrees or professional qualifications in their area of expertise. Our team members include trained engineers, technicians, physicians, biologists, lawyers and other professionals with a special passion for languages. For example, this means that a technical text will be translated or edited by a mechanical engineer with linguistic qualifications.

As part of our quality management process, every document is reviewed by a second expert, which means our translators regularly undergo internal evaluations to assess the quality of their work. This allows us to guarantee error-free translations and gain reliable feedback on the translation quality provided by our staff members.

For ongoing projects, we put together a team that is responsible for all your translation needs. That way, the team members become familiar with your company and products, your corporate language, as well as any special requirements you may have. This guarantees efficiency in our cooperation and ensures consistently high quality for all translated texts.

Ensuring quality through modern technology

Besides the human aspect, powerful software and modern communication tools are important elements of our quality management process. This includes the use of modern translation technologies such as CAT tools and terminology management systems, which help increase consistency and reduce translation errors.

Our customer portal also has a big impact on client satisfaction. It facilitates the communication between our staff members and our customers and allows the entire translation process to run as smoothly as possible. Thanks to these technologies, we are able to carry out your orders faster and more efficiently without sacrificing translation quality.