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Software and Website Localisation

Localisation: Promoting user confidence in their native language

Your website and software need to be adapted for the language and culture of your target markets. This process is called localisation. Studies show that localising your materials generates three times as many website visits from your international target audience, giving you the chance to increase conversions.

Localisation is much more than just translating words:

  • Currencies, measurement units, date formats, etc., must be adapted to match the conventions of the target country.
  • Differences in keyboard layout must be taken into consideration.
  • Fonts and punctuation marks may need to be converted.
  • Colour palettes may need to be adjusted to meet the cultural conventions of the target country.
  • The graphic user interface may need to be revised (i.e. button size, dialogue boxes, error messages, drop-down menus).
  • Manuals, online help sections and technical documentation must be translated.
  • Multimedia content may need to be dubbed.
  • Legal regulations of the target country must be observed (e.g. disclaimers, website legal notice requirements, etc.)

The localisation of your website or software requires a well thought-out workflow, which we customise to your needs. Throughout this process, we take into consideration both your release cycles and your working environments (programming languages, development tools, revision control, content management systems, etc.)

Our objective is to make your website or software as customer oriented as possible.

Send us your inquiry. We would be happy to offer more in-depth advice about your options.