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Legal translations

Legal translations: Where every comma counts

The world is getting smaller. The advent of the internet has changed the way business is conducted and redefined market boundaries. With this shift comes a need for carefully crafted contracts and business agreements. These detailed and often highly complex texts must be understood by all contractual partners, which usually means they must be written in their native language. Legal translations form the basis of all successful international relations.

At Translatus, professionally trained legal practitioners with excellent language skills will transfer your legal documents with utmost precision into their own native tongue. All texts are then proofread by an independent editor to ensure every clause has been translated with 100% accuracy. We know that when it comes to legislative texts and court documents, each word and each punctuation mark matters.

We specialise in the translation of:

  • Business agreements
  • Corporate agreements
  • General terms and conditions
  • Licensing agreements (e.g. end-user licence agreements)
  • Employment contracts
  • Court documents (letters, summons, judgments, court opinions, etc.)
  • Legislative texts
  • Certified documents and certificates
  • Birth, marriage and death certificates

Of course, we will keep your information strictly confidential. Your legal documents are in good hands with us.