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Desktop publishing (DTP)

Translations that catch the eye

A lot of time and creativity went into designing your marketing and information materials. Now you want to translate these documents into a Southeastern European language without losing their visual appeal. Our goal is to make this process as easy as possible for you by taking care of every step, from translation to the final layout. We’re your one-stop shop for translations that are both linguistically and visually appealing. Our DTP specialists ensure that the translations delivered by our linguistic and cultural experts are perfectly adapted to the format of the originals. For you, this means less calling around while saving time and money.

Trust us to transfer your

  • newsletters
  • brochures
  • manuals
  • presentations
  • books
  • etc.

into your target languages. All the layout characteristics of the original document, such as fonts and graphics, as well as your corporate design elements, are maintained in the process. This creates a uniform brand identity in all your target markets.

In addition to translating your copy, we can adapt your documents to meet specific requirements of your target country. This includes:

  • Review and adaptation of hyphenation
  • Localisation of images, diagrams and tables
  • Adaptation to the regional typography
  • Correction and use of special characters
  • Alignment of excessive text lengths

We then return the translated document to you in the original format, e.g. as an InDesign file or a finished PDF. Alternatively, we can provide you with a proofread and edited master copy.

Contact us and see for yourself that our translations don’t just sound great, they also look great.