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Quality Assurance

A good translation does not happen by chance

Engaging copy that conveys your message error-free in the target language is the result of careful quality management. Because when it comes to your company’s international image, you cannot be too thorough. A bad translation is embarrassing at best, and can damage your reputation at worst.

In order to maintain a consistently high standard for all our translations, we follow a strict quality assurance process. This includes

  • the native speaker principle: all of our translators translate exclusively into their native language
  • the target country principle: our translators live in the country of the target language and are intimately familiar with the local culture
  • the peer review principle: all translations are reviewed by a second translator before being delivered to the customer
  • subject matter expertise: our translators are also experts in their areas of specialisation
  • cooperation: we work closely with our customers to make sure we meet their needs and requirements in every way

We consider quality assurance a key component of our work and have certified our processes to the international quality standards ISO 9001 and EN 15038.