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Slovak is the official language of Slovakia and an official EU language. Slovak emigrants have spread the language across the globe, and today, more than five million people worldwide speak Slovak as their native tongue. Groups of native speakers can be found in Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Poland, Russia, the United States, Canada, Australia and parts of Western Europe.

Together with Polish, Czech and the Sorbian languages, Slovak belongs to the Western Slavic language group. It is considered to be the most easily understandable Slavic language and is often referred to as the “Esperanto of the Slavic languages.”

In spite of differences in their origin, Slovak is very similar to Czech. Both languages were spoken in the former Czechoslovakia and easily understood by all ethnic groups. However, subtle differences do exist, though they may only be apparent to native speakers. During the translation process, such linguistic nuances must be taken into consideration, which is why we only trust native speakers with the translation of your documents.